Our Andover Advantage Foundation is a team of individuals highly invested and committed to the education of over 5,000 students enrolled in the Andover public school district. An executive director and board of directors lead the Andover Advantage Foundation. The Board is comprised of local community and business leaders who have committed their time and talent to helping the Foundation grow and engage the community all in the name of Andover Public Schools.

Board of Directors

Rick Bloom

Executive Committee


Brice Lowe

Executive Commitee

President Elect


Andrew Chaney

Executive Committee

Past President 

Jamie Williams

Executive Committee


Kim Bishop

Executive Committee


Julie Schillings

Executive Committe

At-Large Member

Brian Bell

Josh Bolan

Sara Cloud

Helena Hall

Kristin Downing

Aja Drake

Julie Huber

Doug Nolte

Karey Padding

Chad Tilson

Greg Rasmussen


Andover Public Schools

Josh Wells

Vice President

Andover Public Schools Board of Education

Nicole Gibbs

Director of Communication

Andover Public Schools

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